VISKI Corkscrew (Emerald & Gold)


아주 고급스러운 Emerald와 Gold색이 어우러진 매력적인 Corkscrew입니다. 와인마개로써의 기능은 물론, 박스와 함께 제공되기 때문에 선물로도 전혀 손색없는 아름다운 Corkscrew입니다.


Gleaming copper and indigo make a stunning statement. Our next-level wine key features a double-hinged arm, five-turn worm, and handle-integrated foil cutter. With its colorful accent, it's both elegant and stylish.


- Gold and Green plated

- Double-hinged

- Non-stick worm & serrated foil cutter

- PKG : Hanging box


VISKI Corkscrew (Emerald & Gold)

  • - 구매 후 반품 및 환불은 불가하니, 신중히 선택하시고 구매해주시길 바래요^^


    - No Return or exchange Available. 

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    - The real product might be slightly different from the images here depending on the brightness and pixel of the moniter, devices and etc.