Truetap : Riveted Wood Double Hinged Corkscrew


Foil Cutter로 와인병목의 호일을 제거하신 후, Double Hinged된 와인오프너로 안전하게 와인을 오픈하세요^^ 

또한 Integrated Bottle Operner가 있어 맥주병 등 다른 병들도 오픈가능하십니다.


흔하지 않는 Wood Design의 Corkscrew이며, 특정 로고가 들어가있지 않아 나만의 #홈와인바에 스타일리쉬하게 어울립니다. 우리, 와인오프너도 예쁜 거 쓰자구요.  


Uncorking is effortless thanks to the superior double-hinged design and non-stick worm of the Truetap Double-Hinged Corkscrew. Complete with an integrated bottle opener and serrated foil cutter, it's our most iconic wine opener.

- Stainless steel

- Double-hinged arm & integrated bottle opener

- Non-stic worm & serrated foil cutter


Waiter's Corkscrew - Wood

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